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Tips For Canoeing and Kayaking

Did you know you can improve your health by participating in water sports? Despite just having fun, there are more reasons to enjoy the waters!

Watersports are beneficial to your health, as it is known to enhance mental health, chronic disease risk decrease and, bone density improvement. There are three sorts of water sports, in the water, on the water and, under the water.

This article is focusing on two surface water sports which are canoeing and kayaking. If you are in love with these two sports or are looking forward to finding the best surface water sports, here are the tips to get you started.


For leisure or just for peace of mind and fresh air, canoeing beats all the other sports. You will love just how the canoes float comfortably.

However, making them go in a straight line can be a challenge; it can cause frustration. There are few guidelines to follow for you to have fun, paddle-like an expert, and keep safe on the waters.

Paddle on opposite sides of the canoe, match the tempo with your partner, your paddle should be vertical, always wear darn PDF, know your limit, and watch out for flat river horizon lines.


Anyone can use a kayak since it suits all abilities and ages. It has a stable sit on top, perfect for persons interested in enjoying the paddling experience. To see which kayak suits you best, you should paddle different types.

If you want to go for an adventure or relax your mind and get fresh air, then kayaking should be your choice. However, to have fun and paddle-like an expert, you need to be familiar with some tips.

Never lose sight of the others, move with your kayak, stay alert, sit straight and tight, carry your map, check the area forecast and learn safety practices.

Wrap Up

Finding the right watersports can be confusing since there are varieties. But one sure-fire thing is kayaking, and canoeing lets you enjoy fresh air, peace of mind relaxation and above all you get to enjoy health benefits.