Satvik Farming and Renewable Energy

Last week I discussed with you the three farming philosophies of Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik. To recap, the Satvik philosophy is one of living with the land in harmony and being cooperative and cohesive with nature. Rajsik is the farming of power and control, controlling the land and bending it to your will, and controlling people to farm on a large scale through their labour. Lastly, Tamsik farming is deeply destructive and abusive of our environment and of the natural world. It aims for maximum harvest and profit no matter the damage to the land or the people. These three concepts originate outside of simply farming, they are the three ‘Gunas’, translating roughly as ‘threads’,’strings’ or ‘strands’ but more broadly in the philosophical context ‘virtue, merit, excellence’, or ‘quality, peculiarity, attribute, property’. In a sense, these are not dissimilar from the four humours of Greek medical philosophy, and it seems, every tv show ever:

The similarity in the ideas is that the three Gunus, as with the four humours, are said to exist in all of us to various degrees, and the levels we have of each of these things with in us is said to determine our personality and disposition. The three Gunus are constantly trying to suppress each other to get the fullest expression of their own qualities: ‘When Sativa is predominating, from all the gates of the human body radiate the illumination of knowledge. When Rajas is predominating, greed and the striving for selfish activities would appear. With the increase of Tamas come darkness, inactivity, recklessness and delusion.’ We should all be aiming for a full expression of Sativa, we should all want a world more saturated in Sativa. The world we do live in though seems far more dominated by the Rajas, and heading toward the Tamas.


Here at the farm we attempt to be completely self-sufficient. Or rather, to be part of a self-sufficient world that does not need to lean on destruction, on the Rajas. We try to work within the principles of Sativa. That means drawing what energy we cannot produce ourselves from renewable sources. At the moment, for instance, we are taking regular deliveries of biomass wood pellets (from Liverpool Wood Pellets) and operating this as our main outside energy source.


Burning wood pellets

Renewable energy is very much in keeping with the Sativa Guna. It is loving and it is cohesive. Remember, these Gunas are in a constant conflict for full expression, not just inside you but in all things. They are in constant conflict throughout creation. Every act you commit which promotes Sativa also acts to battle the forces of Rajas and Tamas. On any scale, at any level. It all acts against the forces of greed and destruction.


So act x

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