Recycling And The Scrapheap Challenge Of The Modern World

The world we live in creates so much waste. So much waste. Just so, much, waste! 


But is it all just waste? Or rather, does it have to go to waste? Well? Does it? Well, dear friend and reader of my website, no. No it very does not. Because we have this thing called recycling now, have you heard of it? Probably not, because the man doesn’t really want you to recycle. Or maybe he does? Maybe it is an ‘acceptable moral crusade’ (ACM).


What is an Acceptable Moral Crusade?


An acceptable moral crusade, or acceptable moral outrage, is a moral political issue which the vested interests that the powerful support are economically, politically and ideologically unaffected by. Because they are unaffected by them, or rather would be unaffected by the solutions they will propose to them, they encourage people to get outraged about them. Normally they choose an issue which any outrage at will actually not only not be directed at the powerful, but actually (even more helpfully) be directed at the poor! How wonderfully helpful! Littering is a great example of this. Middle class people hate littering. They hate it. It makes their blood boil. It is the highest sin you can commit. Can you imagine can you imagine someone just throwing something on the floor? What the hell? That is unbelievable. The outrage reserved for littering or spitting in public or something like this is far beyond the reaction to larger problems, problems of drone strikes and the military and environmental catastrophes our government is creating and continuing around the world. News of these is met with resignation and indifference, because what can we do to affect that? What’s the point in getting angry about that? That stuff is not for us to get angry about. Litter is for us to get angry about. Benefit cheats are for us to get angry about. Anti-social behaviour is for us to get angry about. Vandalism is for us to get angry about. These are our moral outrages. The ones we are allowed. The Acceptable Moral Crusades of our class and creed. And they are things we should be angry about, a lot of the time, but they are just not the only things we should be angry about. Not at all.

Look at that great big pile. What a great big pile. Do you remember the show Scrapheap Challenge? What a classic show that was, I used to watch it with my Dad. It was a rare thing we could enjoy together, because he liked building things, and I just liked television. Well that’s what its like on the farm sometimes. With such a lot going on there’s an almost constant stream of mess and broken things. Old cars and stuff, just lying around. Every once in a while you uncover some real gems. I once found half a Porsche under an old cow shed, and actually got some money for it (managed to sell it off to a friend at check them out if your ever after a bit of a Porsche!). But mostly we just pick up these pieces and we always end up being able to make something out of them. You know, it’s quite amazing what people can make from a bit of scrap metal…


That is the Arcadia Spectacular, it is a gigantic spider from which light, fire, performers and music explode at music festivals around the country every summer. It is made from old military vehicles and machinery and scrap metal. It is insane, go to the website and watch the videos, amazing. That’s what recycling should be about, taking what is unused and using it. So go on, go out, salvage and create.

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