From Spain to England: Pablo’s Pub Story

Our local pub is one that comes straight out of a horror film. The faded sign hanging above the crumbling plaster creaks and whines as it swings in the breeze. The door is an ancient oak contraption that refuses to budge for any person without prior knowledge of its finicky Read More

Reflections On The Past, Krishna Willing

With my house successfully cleaned and now looking better than ever, I’ve had the opportunity to turn my gaze inwards towards my own motives and thoughts more than ever. Of course, when considering the trichotomy of Krishna’s three guiding philosophies one always risks falling into a pitfall of too much introspection. Read More

Satvik Farming and Renewable Energy

Last week I discussed with you the three farming philosophies of Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik. To recap, the Satvik philosophy is one of living with the land in harmony and being cooperative and cohesive with nature. Rajsik is the farming of power and control, controlling the land and bending it Read More

Farm Philosophy

In the Indian tradition of farming there are three approaches to the ancient practice. The first is the way of ‘Satvik’, also known as the spiritual way. This sees farming as a deeply spiritual process, you must work at one with the land and, in a spiritual sense, as a part Read More